20/06/11 (B609) Communiqué d’AAA (Afar Action Alliance) Journée mondiale des réfugiés.

Monday June 20/2011 marks the annual World Refugee Day, bringing further attention to refugee crises worldwide Refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary odds. Their incredible self-sufficiency, strength, courage and determination are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. However, despite this strength, those displaced IN Ethiopia need our help.

Afar refugee pain is deep for tears, they are housed in a shed , congestions, sweltering heat, food shortage, malaria and diarrhea infections, such are the daily conditions in Afar refugees substandard camps. Estimated 36.000 people internally are displaced and live in unbearable condition in open desert.

Preventable diseases such malaria and diarrhea and cholera are major killer, most of the people’s work culture is also changing – people who used to till the land, do business or look after their cattle are now dependent on relief rations.

Life is never easy for refugees who found sanctuary in a new place, many refugees have left behind a life a pain and suffering and they have to deal with bad memories of past experiences.

It is our hope that today’s observance of Refugees Day will allow us to focus on the situation of those forced to flee their homes and that it inspires creative new ideas for ways to respond to current crises in order to ensure that these people are not forgotten.

We call upon all Afars and friends of Afars to advocate for these forgotten Afar refugees in Ethiopia. Write a letter to UNHCR and ask to recognize the Afar refugees from Eritrea and Djibouti to be recognized and offered the opportunity of adequate facilities, heath services, and education for their children.

Furthermore, ask the UNHCR expedite the process of resettling these refugees to a third country where they will be safe.

Afar Action Alliance {AAA}