31/07/06 (B361) Reuters : Three explosions in Dire Dawa, a railway town in eastern Ethiopia, on Monday caused minor damage but no injuries, a police official said.

Police had arrested one person suspected of involvement and an investigation was continuing.

« The explosions at the outer fence of a ticket office, a post office and underneath a bridge spanning the town caused minor damage to property and there were no casualties, » police inspector Benyam Fikru told Reuters by telephone.

« Police suspect that these explosions were the work of terrorists aimed at destroying public utilities and attempting to disrupt the peace of the country, » he added.

Dire Dawa lies 525km east of Addis Ababa on the main railroad nnecting the capital with the port of Djibouti.

While such explosions are relatively rare in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa this year has been hit by several mysterious blasts.

Ethiopia has blamed neighbouring Eritrea and various rebel groups for attacks in the past. — Reuters

25/06/06 (B356_A) Selon une source établie à Addis Abeba (information diffusée le 11 juin), le Gouvernement Erythréen approvisionnerait clandestinement et gratuitement, depuis 2005, des groupes terroristes somaliens, en Armes légères et lourdes, mais aussi des Fronts de libération Omoro et Ogaden. Plusieurs aller et retour sur des Antonov (Avions présentant les plus grandes capacités de chargement) (Info lecteur)

Addis Ababa, June 11 – The Eritrean government has been generously providing military armaments to Al-Ithad, a Somali-based terrorist group, according to a UN Security Council monitoring body on Somalia.

The body said the Eritrean government has been supplying armaments to the group since October 2005.Over five shuttles of Antonov airplanes from Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, and a supply by sea delivered the armaments, it added.

An Amharic weekly newspaper, Iftin, quoted the monitoring body as saying that the armaments were delivered to Sheik Hassan Tahir Aweyi, the leader of Al-Ithad, which is a close ally of the outlawed terrorist Ethiopian groups like Oromo Liberation Front and Ogaden National Liberation Front.

The report said the flight route of the planes was Asmera-Galgudad-Dusamareb.

According to same report, the recent supply was delivered in March 2006 by an airplane flight number AB-69 that landed at the Lower Shebelle. The 900 huge box arms catches comprised anti-aircraft and tank missiles, explosives, remotely controlled bombs,1,000 Kalashnikovs etc., it elaborated.

The Eritrean government has a permanent representative, Elias Hayte Taze, who coordinates such clandestine activities, in addition to the disguised businessmen that visit Somalia for similar purposes, the paper stated. (END)