17/07/08 (B456) Garowe on line / Après des entretiens au Yémen, l’opposition somalienne est sur la voie de la réconciliation, en tentant de réduire les différences d’appréciation et de stratégie. After talks in Yemen, Somalia’s opposition alliance mends differences (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali opposition members have been holding private talks in Yemen over the past few days, with a spokesman saying that an agreement had been reached to mend differences within the opposition.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali Aynte, a spokesman for the Islamic Courts, told the BBC Somali Service during a Tuesday interview that the meetings in Yemen have helped « end differences » among opposition leaders within the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS).

A public dispute among ARS leaders – dominated by Islamists – surfaced after ARS Chairman Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed signed a peace pact on June 9 with Ethiopian-backed Somali Prime Minister Nur « Adde » Hassan Hussein.

According to that agreement, a 90-day ceasefire will be implemented across Somalia and Ethiopian troops will withdraw by October, when they are replaced by a « sufficient » number of United Nations peacekeeping troops.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, an Eritrea-based Somali Islamist leader and an ARS member, rejected the peace agreement and accused Sheikh Sharif of violating ARS bylaws.

The dispute divided the ARS into two wings – one based in Eritrea, where the alliance was founded last year, and the second group based in Djibouti.

By early July, delegations from Eritrea and Djibouti were pouring into Yemen for proposed peace talks among the ARS wings. Insiders tell Garowe Online that rebel commanders flew from Mogadishu to participate at the talks in Yemen.

It is not clear whether or not Eritrea-based ARS members have accepted the June 9 peace agreement, but insurgent violence has continued in Somalia nonstop since that agreement was signed.

11/03/08 (B438) GAROWE ON LINE : Scènes macabres après le départ des troupes éthiopiennes de la 30ème avenue. Cinq cadavres carbonisés ont été trouvés. Somalia : Grisly Scenes as Ethiopian Troops Vacate 30th Avenue (Info lectrice)

Five dead bodies were discovered and buried Sunday in the Somali capital after Ethiopian troops vacated 30th Avenue, a major thoroughfare that runs adjacent to Mogadishu’s main Bakara market.

The Ethiopian army contingent had been stationed at 30th Avenue for the past nine days, residents said.

A local who returned to his home after the Ethiopians left the area told Garowe Online that he saw the dead bodies, who were all men.

He described dead body parts bit off by wild animals after the corpses lay on the streets for several days.

The troops were dispatched to 30th Avenue last Saturday, when rebels and government troops fought for hours along the road and into Bakara market, killing scores of people.


Police officers stationed at three locations inside Bakara market were abruptly withdrawn today, following several grenade attacks last night and today, officials said.

Casualty reports were difficult to confirm but the police withdrew to the outskirts of Bakara and took control of strategic roads leading into the market.

The free movement of people and traffic resumed after the security forces left the market, although stores did not open for business.

Police spokesman Abdullahi Shasha told reporters later today that security forces had detained several people for attacking the police at Bakara last night and this morning.

His claim could not be independently verified.

Somalia’s Ethiopian-backed interim government has faced a bloody insurgency since early 2007, with daily shootings, roadside bombings and assassinations.

More than 6,500 people died in the violence last year, with another 600,000 civilians displaced by the conflict, according to UN figures.

03/03/08 (B437) GAROWE ON LINE : 80 blessés ont été admis dans les hôpitaux somliens à la suite des accrochages de samedi. Somalia: 80 People Hospitalized in Mogadishu After Yesterday’s Battle (En Anglais – Info lecteur)


At least 80 civilians were admitted to three hospitals in the Somali capital Sunday, following deadly clashes the day before that killed more than 17 people.

Ali « Adde » Moallim, an official at Medina Hospital, confirmed to Garowe Online that 40 wounded victims were admitted in the last 24 hours.

« Ten of them [wounded victims] died in the hospital, » Mr. Ali Adde said, adding that a family of six was among the wounded.

Keysaney Hospital director Ali Bile said 20 people were admitted to the hospital with various wounds, including children and old people.

Dr. Gutale of Daynile Hospital in the outskirts of Mogadishu said medical personnel were treating 20 victims of yesterday’s bloody clashes.

Mogadishu residents said many wounded people have been unable to make it to a hospital, due to some city streets being blockaded by Ethiopian and Somali troops.