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Borrel was indeed assassinated
in October 1995 in Djibouti.

Eight years of ceaseless
juridical combat for Elisabeth Borrel and her friends to finally obtain a
unanimous conclusion of the medical experts to know the truth conditions of
died of Judge Bernard Borrel in October 1995 in Djibouti.

The work carried out by
the last two judges M Parlos and Mrs. Clément – which were named in
this Affair – is in their honor and reassures us as for effectiveness existence
of French Justice – in spite of the constraints possible which she could have
undergone – persisting with one great courage in the research of the truth.

The Judge Parlos – who
had in 2002 this charge in this delicate Affair – has not hesitated giving
orders to medical experts so that the autopsy on the mortal remains of Borrel
judge is very clear.

Their conclusions are
indubitable and without possibility of controversy.

The truth has just – what
we hoped while preserving confidence in one French Justice – been done day
and we can even affirm this assassination is crime with premedidation what
made worse the penal responsibilities situation for the ‘Giver of orders’
and for the executants.

The version of Djibouti
and French authorities in 1995 – as quick inquest conclusions like a flash..
makes by the Captain of the French Gendarmerie in Djibouti are completely
reduced to nothing and by obviousness that obliges us to raise many questions:

Why the first investigation
by the French gendarmerie was carried out so quickly and conclusive – as the
Djibouti authorities did the same – to a death by suicide ?.
Why the register of the Check point of road which was held by the Foreign
Legion (13ème DBLE) – mentioning the passage of two vehicles and not
one only vehicle- disappeared ?.
Why Dibouti policy State it made pressure on Djibouti soldiers of the second
Check point so that they keep silent and why the register of the movements
of vehicles disappeared, one more time ?
One can affirm that this file comprises much more obvious questions and inconsistencies
which did not abound in the sense for the suicide.

In fact, the most crucial
questions arise on the site of this drama and in the recent reconstruction(reconstitution)
of this crime scene – ordinates by Mrs. the Judge Clément – which immediately
highlighted an obvious impossibility that death was a suicide result.

All this was confirmed
since by all the medical experts.

Testimonies of the Lieutenant
Mohamed Saleh Alhoumékani and of the Commander Ali Abdillahi Iftin
– ‘boss’ of the presidential guard – are true and confirmed.

Those men are the key
projected in front of the justice in this Affair.

Once again, it was noted
their statements are authentic and credible.

Let us note that these
two men – refugees in exile in Brussels – have not varied only one inch in
the various testimonies that they made in front of French Justice.

They underwent and still
pressures exerted directly in Brussels as on the members of their families
which lives in Djibouti.

There is more one year,
the special services of Belgium stopped two mercenaries of the SDS in the
passenger Station of Brussels Midi had like mission to kill Mr Mohamed Saleh

The two mercenaries were
carrying guns and diplomatic passports.

They were discharged.

There is few months, the
Commander Ali Abdillahi Iftin had an attempt of kidnaping on his children
in Brussels which fell through and carried out by the mercenaries of the Djibouti
Service of Security (SDS) on order of M Hassan Saïd known as madobe.

At that is necessary to
add all the attempts at subornation of witnesses carried out by Mr. Ali Roubah
– and others – on an assignment by ‘The man’ of Djibouti which proposed to
the two witnesses in Borrel Affair many promotions.

The rank of Ambassador
of Djibouti, important moneys and allocations of privileges if Mr. Mohamed
Saleh Alhoumékani and Mr. Ali Abdillahi Iftin reconsidered their testimonies
in front of French justice.

These two former gendarmes
– of exemplary moral and probity with past of honor which testifies in their
favour in spite of a comic lawsuit in Djibouti in particular against Mr. Mohamed
Saleh Alhoumékani – did not answer favorably to the ‘promises and threats
‘ and certainly not to the various assassinations attempts launched by the
present policy system in Djibouti.

– Why to make subornation
of witnesses if one is not guilty ?.

We know the answer !.

– Why to attempt to make
them assassinate by the SDS men if one is not guilty ?.
We know the answer !.

– Who may find beneficial
to make witnesses disappear in this affair ?

We know the answer !.


It remains now to know
what French Justice will do of all testimonies which arrive since months on
the desk of the Judge in charge of this Affair and calling or not in front
of the Justice the ‘Djibouti man ‘… ‘Giver of Orders..’?.

“ Protecting all
the lies is she a logical diplomatically immunity in a republic and supposed
State of human Rights ? ”

To morrow in this juridical
Affair, we will see the protections or we will see a new act of courage of
French Justice ?.

We can ask the question
concerning reasons of this assassination :

‘the judge Borrel would
had attacked the National interests of Djibouti and France in this Affair…

This hypothesis is an
old universal remedy of ‘powder to eyes’ because it was exclusively private
and mafia interests that the Judge Borrel indicated and revealed in a file
which would have disappeared at the day of its death.

It all boils down to a
question of money,

a question of local mafia,

a question of drugs traffic
and USD falsified,

and a question of laundering……

It disturbed too many
people in the local Maffia ….

Borrel judge found himself
alone vis-a-vis with his conscience and it persisted in its will to respect
Justice and its responsibilities !

The results of its investigation
into the bomb attack to the Coffee from Paris in Djibouti would not be the
only reason of the assassination of the Judge Bernard Borrel.

We see the forest for
the tree…

What file was sought in
his home the day of its disappearance.

Who has this file today,
is it so dangerous for some persons ?.

This file and its copies
are probably not lost for all… and would be likely to cause a scandal of
international size if it emerged in coming weeks.

A political personality
– old rogue of Djibouti diplomacy – would be in possession of a copy.

He asserts… that
he would be tomorrow the orchestra leader in Djibouti ; but its life is in
danger, he knows it.

The personality of this
old swindler of the policy does not enable him to currently leave Djibouti
because he knows that it is watched and that it would be likely to be expropriated
of all his properties if he decided to testify in front of the french justice
in this Affair.

This situation enables
him to collect the 25 of each month all the rents of its apartments and its
houses in Djibouti.

The doubled swindler of
this man without courage keeps silence…

It is not the money but
the justice which was assassinated in this Affair.

Must we keep silence oneself
and what example of parental duties, good citizenship and honesty we show
to our children, to all the children ?.

One copy of this file
would be in possession of a person which lives in France and who is not revealed.

If this old swindler of
the Djibouti diplomacy does not react, the other will do that because it matters
that the Truth emerges finally.

No one has the right to
assassinate Justice with an impunity, no one cannot make that…..!!

If we agree that, then
we support all excesses and all crimes !

Each man and each woman
has obligation to say all the Truth to the family and by respect to Bernard
Borrel memory, to his wife and to his children but also to the Justice.

With great Courage this
Justice has to preserve witnesses life .

We must help it and to
trust him because she guarantees all human rights, our man or woman obligations
and our responsibilities.

Hana Reporter….