26/08/07 (B410) Le Front National de Libération de l’Ogaden accueille favorablement une proposition de l’ONU, visant à envoyer une mission d’évaluation en Ogaden et prépare son arrivée – ONLF welcomes UN Fact Finding Mission to Ogaden (Info lecteur)

ONLF Statement On UN Fact Finding Mission To Ogaden

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) welcomes the decision of the United Nations to send a fact finding mission to the Ogaden. This represents a positive first step by the United Nations in addressing the man made humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Ogaden.

We call on the United Nations not to limit the scope of this mission to a humanitarian assessment but to include an preliminary investigation of war crimes being committed against our people by the current Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) led regime. We further urge the United Nations to allow international journalists, who are currently banned from entering Ogaden, to travel with the mission.

The ONLF is prepared to provide all necessary assistance to this mission and members of the international media who may join them in gaining access to all areas of Ogaden.