04/10/08 (B468) Shabelle / Le commandant de la sécurité de Baïdoa, tué par des tireurs non identifiés. Top security officer killed in Baidoa (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Unidentified armed groups have shot dead the security commander of Baidoa town in the town on Saturday morning, police and witnesses said.

Ibrahim Isaq “Kuwait” was killed while he was passing in the animal stock market in the town by armed three masked men.

“They run to him when they saw him and hit five rounds of bullets and he suddenl;y died at the spot” eyewitness Nor Madey said.

Police official who declined to reveal his name told Shabelle that Mr. Kuwait wanted to walk off to nearby police station when he was killed.

The assassins escaped from the scene while government troops arrived in the market have given order on the closure of the business sites.

The troops have carried out search operation but no arrests they made were reported.

No comments could be reached from the government official on the killing of Mr. Kuwait.

Baidoa has been a scene of insecurity in the last months as thousands of Ethiopian and Somali troops are based to keep guard the town that is vital base of the Somali government.