20/10/08 (B470) Shabelle : Le Président du Parlement somalien présente l’installation de l’AN au Kenya comme une mesure de réglage. //Speaker describes government’s relocation plan as “adjustment” (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The speaker of Somali parliament Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nor “Madobe has announced that proposed plan regarding the relocation of Somali government to Nairobi as minor adjustments of some misunderstanding in the government.

Speaking to Shabelle radio by phone from Djiboutian capital, Djibouti Mr. Madobe has noted that he met with officials of Inter governmental authority development IGAD officials as well that they’ve discussed the current issues in the government including the finishing point of Djibouti peace agreement’s accomplishments along with ending of the lingering debatable issues.

“We want to mend the controversial issues, when the MPs entirely come here they will discuss on the snuggling down of the articles we are divergent” Madobe said.

The main unsettled issues is included the recalling of quitted ministers seeing that the presidents backs them to be reinstated while nearly all of the government’s top officials including the prime ministers rebuffed.

Elsewhere Mr. Madobe has ruled out the president’s arrangements regarding the restoration of quitted ministers following the president has reiterated the restitution of the ministers.

“The remarks from the president and the Supreme Court is denigration to the parliament and there is no functioning supreme court because its chairman is detained” Madobe intensely said.

The speaker’s remarks following IGAD regional body called for entire government’s top institution members to move out to Nairobi.