13/09/04 (B263) Messages de condoléances de l’AFAR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION.

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CONDOLENCE 13/09/2004, London

Inaa lillaah wa innaa
ileyhi raaji oun
Kullu nafsin tha inkatul mawti

It was with deep shock
and sadness that we heard of the untimely passing away of the GREAT FATHER
of Afar and Former Primer Minister of the Republic of Djibouti Mr. AHMED DINI
on 12/09/2004, in Djibouti. Mr. Ahmed Dini has been seen as the GREAT leader,
the EXTRAORDINARY Orator, the SKILLFULL Politician and the Father of Djibouti
independence in Djibouti society as a whole. He was a man of honour and the
man of principle with dignity. He was greatly respected and admired by the
entire Afars and non-Afar communities both nationally and internationally.
He left behind heavy national responsibility both for Afar community and to
the citizens of Djibouti, because his death has left emptiness and imbalance,
not only among his family, friends or Afar society but also among the whole
social justice and peace loving Djiboutian.

In the name of the Afar
Community Association in UK & Republic of Ireland that representing Afars,
we would like to convey our deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences to
the wife, children, his immediate relatives of Mr. AHMED DINI. We Afar community
living in the UK & Republic of Ireland share with all our hearts the deep
sorrow of his wife, members of his family, relatives, and the entire society
of Republic of Djibouti.

Allah the Almighty put
his soul in his internal peace.

President Mr: Adan Bodaya
Afar Community Association in UK