22/09/08 (B466) Shabelle / Au moins 4 morts dans une attaque des forces éthiopiennes en représailles à des tirs de mortier sur la résidence présidentielle et sur l’aéroport. Deadly fatal shelling at Bakara market after airport attack (Info lecteur – En Anglais)

At least 4 people have died and many have been hurt as Ethiopian forces backing the Somali government shelled Mogadishu’s main market, witnesses say.

The attack was launched after mortar rounds landed on the Somali president’s official residence as well when mortars have been fired to Mogadishu airport where a plane that was reported wanted to carry Somali president landed.

The plane flew from Galkayo town in central Somalia has landed and flew successfully according to eyewitnesses.

It’s yet unknown the exact casualities of these latest attacks.

Most of the mortars landed at the vegetable section of the main Bakara market where eyewitnesses say that lines of dead bodies on the ground also several mortars hit Howlwdaag area.

Its yet unidentified the Human causalities of the people/troops at the airport.

This comes following 15 people have been killed in attack on AU peacekeepers in Mogadishu on Sunday night.

The insurgents had targeted Ugandan troops’ bases in the K4 and Jazeera areas at around midnight, but the mortars hit residences in the neighbourhood.

« A mother and her five children died when a mortar hit their house, » said Mohamed Husein, an elder in the area.

« Minutes later, two neighbours who rushed to assist them, died in the same house after another mortar shell struck again. »

A mortar killed two guards in Taleh neighbourhood, bringing the toll to 10.
« I saw bodies of two men found this morning in a house they were guarding. A mortar killed them overnight, » said Hamad Guled, a witness.
Baridgye Bahuko, spokesman for the AU mission in Somalia, confirmed the attack and said the troops had suffered no casualties.
Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia in late 2006 to rescue the embattled western-backed transitional government and oust an Islamist militia that had briefly taken control of large parts of the country.
Islamist armed groups have since reverted to guerrilla tactics and are carrying out almost daily attacks against Ethiopian troops, Somali government forces and AU peacekeepers.
Civilians have borne the brunt of the violence. According to several international aid and rights groups, at least 6,000 of them have died over the past year alone.