19/08/06 (B363-A) Selon la presse éthiopienne, IOG aurait manifesté de la compassion pour les victimes des innondations et aurait envoyé de l’argent à titre de participation aux sinistrés. Curieusement ce don n’est pas confirmé par l’ADI, toujours prompt à révéler les largesses d’IOG … Les mauvaises langues disent qu’après les attentats, il aurait eu besoin de se racheter …. ??? (En anglais – Info lecteur)

Dire Dawa, August 16, 2006 – The President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh has expressed heart-felt sympathy over the death and displacement of people due to the flashflood that occurred in Dire Dawa City. He also donated over 433,000 birr in support of the flood victims.

In a message of condolence he sent via the Counselor Office of Djibouti in Dire Dawa, President Ismail expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives and property damage due to the accident.< ONT>

The president said he has special attachment to the Dire Dawa City as he grew up in the town.

Djibouti Counselor Office Head in Dire Dawa City, Mohammed Jeba handed over a Cheque of 433,929 birr to Mayor of the Dire Dawa City Interim Administration, Abdulaziz Mohammed.

Receiving the donation, the Mayor said there is closer friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Meanwhile, the Government of Senegal expressed deep sorrow over the death of Ethiopians in Dire Dawa City and its environs due to the recent flooding, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

In a statement it sent to ENA yesterday, the Ministry said the Senegalese government expressed sympathy to the bereaved families.

Some 25 organizations and individuals have also donated close to one million birr in support of victims of the recent flood in Dire Dawa City.

Handing over the donations to the Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Agency, representatives of the organizations and individuals expressed heart-felt sorrow over the death of people and property damage due to the flood.

The Addis Ababa Diocese of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia donated 100,000 and 200,000 birr, respectively, in support of the flood victims.

The renowned athlete Maj. Derartu Tullu donated 50,000 birr while a young boy named Girma Tena donated 50 birr, money his parents gave him to buy clothes, in support of the victims.

Tsige Tadesse Orphanage pledged to donate 2,000 birr and 20 blankets in support of the victims and to receive up to 15 orphans who lost their families due to the flooding, while Selam, another orphanage, d ated 100,000 birr for the same cause.

The National Lottery Administration, workers of the Addis Ababa City Bus Enterprise, workers of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, as well as B.G.I-Ethiopia provided 25,000 birr, 50,000 birr, 47,000 birr, and 1,150 mattress respectively in support of the victims.

Similarly, members of the defence force in Awash Arba town and cadets and workers of the Ethiopian Military Officers’ College pledged to provide 33,069 birr and 13,595 birr, respectively, to the victims.

The Ethiopian mission in Stockholm, Sweden, also donated 10,700 birr in support of the flood victims, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, workers of the Ethiopian Intelligence and Security Service and the Oromia Police Commission decided to donate 200,000 birr and over 240,000 birr, respectively, in support of the victims, while workers of the Ministry of Mines and Energy pledged to donate 10 per cent of their monthly salary.