01/09/07 (B411) SH Network. Le Gouvernement somalien « démissionne » par décret, son propre ambassadeur en Ethiopie, sans que l’on en connaisse les véritables motivations – Somali govt. sacks its ambassador to Ethiopia (En Anglais – info lecteur)

Somalia transitional federal government has issued a decree sacking its ambassador to Ethiopia.

The Ambassador, Abdi Kariin Laqanyo had been also representing Somali the envoy to African union in Addis Abba.

According to the government spokesman, Abdi Haji Gobdon, the government has appointed a new ambassador to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after the former ambassador had been stripped his ambassadorial duty.

Adding that his government has transferred Mr.Abdi Karin Farah Laqanyo to another country, but the spokesman did mention where the former Ambassador appointed to.

The decree sacking the emissary comes as the government appointed Yusuf Nur to be the news ambassador to Ethiopia as Abdi Haji Gob don told Radio Shabelle.

It is unclear why the ambassador was fired.