02/03/08 (B437) Ethiopian Review : Des insurgents somaliens attaquent l’armée éthiopienne à Mogadiscio. Somali insurgents shell Woyanne military base in Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

(Shabelle Media Network) – Armed groups have fired several mortars on Ethiopian Woyanne army base of former defense ministry building in the Somali capital on Friday residents said.

Some reports said that a number of mortars hit inside the camp although its unknown the casualties occurred there.

The Ethiopian Woyanne forces fired back several mortars that caused the death of at least one civilian who was driving a donkey cart in Al-baraka village. Several mortars landed inside Hamar Jadid village but no causality was reported.

The residents close to the attacked areas have expressed concern on the nighttime shelling.