18/09/08 (B465-B) Shabelle. Les membres de l’ARS qui pariticipaient aux discussions de Djibouti sur la paix en Somalie avec le GNT, quittent la conférence aprés que l’Ethiopie ait été admise dans le Groupe de contact international. ARS members rebuff talks after Ethiopian envoy appointed ( Info lecteur – En Anglais)

Reports from Djibouti where talks between Somali government and the opposition groups is underway say that Somali opposition group members have departed from the conference hall after Ethiopia was included the international contact group (ICG)

The talks was due to discuss today about the reconciliation and the stabilization nevertheless that has failed after Ethiopian envoy arrived at the talk’s hotel know as “Sharaton”

It’s the second time that Somali opposition members have quitted the talk’s hall after some months ago correspondingly the ARS members went out the conference hall when they saw Ethiopian ambassador to Djibouti was in attendance the conference location, as well they said that it’s improper Ethiopia to come at talks, table since they involve the bloody battles in the horn of Africa country.

We shall bring you t date as soon as the news on this matter emerges.