14/10/08 (B469-B) Press TV // Plus de 40 soldats éthiopiens tués après que leurs véhicules aient sauté sur des bombes. // Somali clashes leave scores killed (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

More than 40 Ethiopian soldiers are killed after their vehicle hit a landmine near Bardale, a town 350 km from the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

The military convoy was heading towards Mogadishu when it was attacked by the military wing of the Union of the Islamic Courts (UIC), al-Shabaab, Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

In another incident, 10 Ethiopian troops as well as many more civilians were killed after clashes erupted near the Ethiopian Base of Pasta in Heliwaa District in North Mogadishu, the report said.

Hundreds of people have fled their homes as mortars are fired and heavy fighting goes on in the region.

The UN- backed African Union Mission to Somalia, known as AMISOM was deployed in March 2007 to replace Ethiopian troops who invaded Somalia in 2006 in an attempt to back the country’s Transitional Federal Government. But they failed to withdraw and have been blamed for the deaths of thousands of civilian and countless human rights violations in the Horn of Africa nation.