26/10/08 (B471) Shabelle : A six mois de la fin du mandat du GNT, plusieurs responsables de son camp accusent le Gouvernement de n’avoir pas rempli toutes les obligations de la mission pour laquelle il avait été mandaté // Deputy speaker slams government of failing its duty (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

As six months left the mandate of Somali government’s authority, several officials in its field accusing the transitional government of failing to fulfill its governmental obligations.

The deputy speaker of the parliament Osman Elmi Boqore has reviled the transitional government that it’s failed to perform its requited duties instead of doing that, that it has acted different crimes including injustice, frivolity and violation of the transitional charter.

“There is no governmental liability, the government left it’s regulation from Mbaghatti town in Nairobi it was established, everyone violates and mismanages the charter” Boqore said in an interview with Shabelle radio.

He added that the government should restore the justice in its remaining time.

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of the Republic of Somalia has had a tumultuous history. It is the most recent attempt to restore national institutions to Somalia after the 1991 downfall of Siad Barre and the ensuing Somali Civil War.

The country has been run for more than a decade by tribal factions and warlords but analysts say that the government has fallen short to do it’s duties as required.