16/11/08 (B474) Shabelle – Les combattants islamistes arrêtent et incarcèrent de nombreux habitants de la ville de Beledweyne au motif qu’ils ont commis des actes répréhensibles. Islamist fighters arrest people over insecurity concern (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The Islamic courts union fighters in the central town of Beledweyne have arrested several teenage boys accusing them of insecurity act’s involvements in operation they carried out on Friday night, officials said.

6 youth were detained by the Islamists security forces in several villages of the town those have been taken to several prisons in the town for interrogations.

In the last days the UIC forces detained scores of people allegedly committed crimes.

As Shabelle made contacts with UIC officials in the town no comments could be available on the latest arrests they’ve made.

Despite these arrests the town’s residents are suffering from huge robbery acts in the town and the roads to and not in the town.