27/11/08 (B475-B) Shabelle : Les troupes somaliennes ont arrêtés le directeur de la Radio Warsan, qui a été aussitôt incarcéré. // Somali radio director detained (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Armed Somali government troops have put in the jail the director Warsan radio station in the south-western town of Baidoa on Tuesday night, journalists said.

Ilyes sheikh Shueib was detained by the government troops after they entered in the radio station building where theyve taken him to the police station for interrogation according one of his co-workers who declined to reveal his name.

As Shabelle made contacts with the police officials of the town on the arrest of the journalist no comments could be reached from them.

Its yet unknown the motive behind the arrest of Mr.shueib but Somali officials have familiarized with the arrest of the independent radio station/journalist that violates the freedom of speech as many journalist have been killed in the lawlessness country.