01/12/08 (B476) Shabelle (En Anglais) Les tribunaux islamiques flagellent 5 hâbitants de la ville de Baldweyne pour trafic de drogue sur le marché de la ville. Certains auraient été accusés de consommation de drogue et/ou d’alcool, ce que les tribunaux islamiques interdisent désormais. Islamic Courts Flog 5 people in Baledwein town.

The Islamic Courts on Sunday flogged five men after arresting them for involving drug abuse in Baldwene town, which is about 320 Km- (190 Miles ) north of Mogadishu.

Officials from the Islamic Courts Union in Baledweyne, said those captured had been warned several times against selling and buying marijuana inside the market of the city.

Our reporter in Baledweyne, says the men were released after whipping them.

Some of the men were using alcoholic drinks and marijuana which is illegal according to the Sharia law.

Islamists have been capturing towns and were imposing sharia law, which many Somalis see the only solution of Somali problems.

Islamic Courts Union has ruled much of south and central Somalia but they were ousted by Ethiopian troops in 2006 backing the weak Somali transitional government.