12/02/09 (B485-B) Tensions et violences en Somalie : des combats sont signalés en dépit des appels au calme qui sont lancés par des notables. (2 articles en Anglais)

_________________________________ 2 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Cinq morts dans des combats entre des clans locaux de Masagaway et les milices islamistes Al-Shabaab // Five killed in fighting between clan and Islamist militias

At least four people have been killed and some others have been injured in fighting between al-Shabaab insurgent group, and local clan militias in Masagaway town in central Somalia, eyewitnesses said on Wednesday.

Residents say, the fighting started after the clan militias attacked the town. The dead were all combatants.

The clan militias have taken control the town from the al-Shabaab group, the Islamists have been controlling the town for a year.

Clan elders in Masagaway town requested from the two sides not to fight again in the town. The fighting stopped and the situation in the town is calm now.

In other news one person was killed and two others were wounded in fighting between clan militias in Warsheekh town in Middle Shabelle region.

The militias fought in a borehole in the town.

__________________________________ 1 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Des notables somaliens de Bay et Bakol lancent un appel aux bandes rivales pour diminuer les tensions. // Somali elders call for rival groups in Bay and Bakol regions to calm tensions

The Somali traditional elders in Bay and Bakol regions have called for both rival forces of the government and Al-shabab group to calm tensions between them in Hudur town in Bakol region, witnesses told Shabelle radio on Wednesday.

Al-shabaab has seized Baidoa, the former seat of the transitional parliament, after the Ethiopian forces withdrew from the town last month.

Reports from Baidoa town say that all the parts of the society like the scholars, politicians and the traditional elders in Bay region have called for Al-shabab fighters and the government soldiers to stop the fighting between them in Hudur town in South-western Somalia.

Malak Derow, a spokesman for Digil and Mirifle clans has told the media that they are ready to complete the conflicts with dialogue and suggested the rival sides to halt the fighting to reach peace and stability in the regions.

Government ministers who were ousted from Baidoa were amassing troops in Hudur town and said they were planning a big offensive against al-Shabaab to recapture Baidoa.

The statement of the traditional elders comes as bitter fighting between the government soldiers and Al-shabab forces killed more yesterday(Tuesday) in Dhiilo district near Hudur town, the capital town of Bakol region.