23/04/04 (B244) Appel à envoyer des dons au HCI pour les sinistrés des Inondations à Djibouti (En anglais) Djibouti Canadian Center.

Djibouti Canadian Center
Center de Djibouti Canadien
1910 St Laurent P.O.B 41168
Ottawa, On K1G 5K9
(613) 266 5571


Disaster In Djibouti

Urgent Appeal For Help

They need….

Food Shelter Water

Djibouti group seeks flood donations

Ottawa’s Djibouti
community has issued a plea for donations to help those reeling after flooding
devastated the tiny East African nation earlier this Week.

«  We are calling for
donations Either medicine, clothing, and food provisions, anything we can
send in to the people as soon as possible over there,«  Mohamed Awaleh of
the Djibouti Canadian Center said yesterday. Awaleh said the worst is yet
to come as malaria and diarrhea are likely to be the big killers once the
flooding stops. Donations can be dropped off at caledon place or call (613)
266 5571 for more information.

· Hundreds of thousands

· Dozen of people

· Homes washed

· Tens of thousands
Homeless & displaced

Torrential rain cause
the Ambouli River to burst its banks lost shelter and belongings Malaria,
diarrhea and other diseases becoming rampant due to water contamination affecting
over 250,000 inhabitant. After-effects would cost more lives as the water

Please Donate Generously
to HCI

HCI Fundraising Program
for Djibouti disaster victims:

Saturday, May 1, Alumni
theatre, Carleton University, 6:00-8:00 PM

Please attend with your
family and friend. Inform and encourage other to attend

Yes, I would like to donate
to Djibouti

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Floods Information Bulletin No. 01/2004

The Situation

News was received yesterday
15 April from Red Crescent Society of Djibouti that torrential rains and high
winds hit Djibouti town and the surrounding areas between Sunday 11 to Tuesday
13 April. There has been an almost complete communication blackout as the
storm brought down telephone poles. The rains caused flash flooding in Djibouti
town. As flood waters surged along the dry river bed between Djibouti town
and Balbala suburb many homes were washed away. Electricity supply had been
cut off to many parts of the city but partly restored by Tuesday 13 April.
Government ministers reported on 15 April that 48 people had been killed and
1,500 people were evacuated by the Djibouti military, with the assistance
of US and French military helicopters, to two schools (also reported in an
IRIN1 report). A representative from ECHO had reported yesterday afternoon
that 50 bodies had been found, the government was expecting another 100 or
so and that 5,000 people were affected but who were able to return to their
homes. The Red Crescent of Djibouti reported last night that the Government
had revised the death toll to 156 people and that around 10,000 people had
lost shelter and property. Red Crescent of Djibouti has also expressed fears
that up to 100,000 people may be affected. This may be half the population
of Djibouti (300,000-400,000) that live in basic housing very vulnerable to
the torrential rains and high winds.

According to the UNDP
Resident Representative there has been no UNDAC2 deployment, they confirm
official Ministry of Interior figures of 100,000 affected, but their visit
of yesterday to the affected area confirms approximately 1,500 only affected.
Power and water supply has been re-established to around 50% of population.

ECHO has expressed concerns
that only 40% of the urban water supply is presently functioning (although
the water supply is normally inadequate for the needs of the population, especially
in the poorer suburbs). This is of concern as Djibouti is prone to cholera
and malaria especially as the temperature is getting hotter.

The evacuation phase appears
complete and the search for bodies continues. The Government Ministries of
Interior and Foreign Affairs will hold a meeting early today 16th where the
outcome of the evaluation of the damage will be reported and roles assigned
to various organizations.