11/10/2011 (B625) Comment la presse du Somaliland analyse la mise à l’écart du Ministre djiboutien de l’Education, le Dr Adawah Hassan Ali (En Anglais)

Le Somaliland et Djibouti à la lumière de l’affaire Adawah

Un article du SomalilandPress (Lien avec l’original)

Djibouti education minister sacked over meeting with opposition

Djibouti education minister Dr Adawa Hassan Ali has been abruptly sacked from the government after less than 5 months on the job over a secret meeting with a preeminent opposition leader in Ottawa.

Dr Adawa was on an official meeting in Montreal when he decided to go on a trip to the Canadian capital. Sources close to Dr Adawa confirmed to SomalilandPress Ottawa Bureau that Djibouti education minister, during his Montreal sojourn, had a long phone conversation with Hussein Abdourahman Andholeh leader of the Djibouti Democratic Coalition and son of the legendary union leader and political figure Abdourahman Andholeh.

Dr Adawa then decided to go to Ottawa to meet Hussein Abdourahman Andholeh. Following the meeting, Dr Adawa went on to meet with the sizeable Djiboutian community in Ottawa and while greeting his fellow citizens he inadvertently spilled the beans of his contact with Mr Hussein Abdourahman.

The chatter was the picked up by the very active Djibouti intelligence services in Djibouti. Upon his return in Djibouti, Dr Adawa was promptly excluded from the cabinet and fearful for his safety subsequently fled to Ethiopia where he currently resides.

This whole episode illustrates the dictatorial nature of the Guelleh regime and the absence of the democratic liberties that we take for granted in Somaliland.

While Somaliland in the country or abroad fervently advocate for the candidate of their choosing, Djiboutian abroad are constantly spied on…

Ottawa Bureau