24/01/03 (B181) Djibouti notes coordination with Yemen, USA over fighting terrorism Djibouti-Yemen, Politics, (Source Arab News.Com)

The President of Djibouti
Ismael Omar Jelle has stressed full coordination between his country and Yemen.
He revealed that the Djibouti and Yemeni government were before hand notified
about the incident of the American plane which destroyed a car recently in
Yemen, because one of al-Qaida member was in it.

President Jelle told the
Sudanese daily al-Sahafi al-Dawli in its yesterday issue that the plane which
carried out this operation took off from the Djibouti territories, at the
knowledge, of the Yemeni government. He indicated that his government set
a precondition on the executors of this operation to take a prior permission
from Yemen.

Djibouti President Ismael
Omar Jelle denied his country to have had signed a security agreements with
the USA, noting that American- Djibouti relations fall in the framework of
coordination and cooperation between the two sides.

President Jelle said that
Djibouti’s remarkable location and its foreign po cy’s commitm ent to neutrality
and its good relations with the Arab and foreign states made the US administration
seek to develop relations with Djibouti.

Concerning the tripartite
alliance between Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia, Djibouti President stressed his
country’s interest that this alliance will play a key role in the region that
will contribute to defusing conflicts in the region.

Concerning the situation
in Somalia, President Jelle called for the need of finding out a comprehensive
solution to conflicts there, noting that international policies seek to quickly
establish a pivotal state in Somalia, supporting its campaign against terrorism.

Djibouti president described
the recent elections took place in his country as the first of its kind, attended
by the opposition parties. He expected the forthcoming phase to witness more
openness in freedom and the great and effective participation of citizens
in Djibouti.