04/07/04 (B254) : Communiqué de l’Association de la Communauté Afar en Grande Bretagne (ACAUK) – Visite de M. Isamil Ali Gardo (En anglais)

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03 July 2004

Community News
Mr. Ismail Ali Gardo met Afar community

The Executive Director
of the Afar Pastoralist Development Association in Afar Region in Ethiopia,
Mr Ismael Ali Gardo arrived UK. The purpose of his visit was to attend Oxfam
meeting that took place on 19-23 June 2004, in Oxford. He visited London on
his way back from Oxford on 24 June 2004.

Mr. Gardo was received
by the Management Committee of the Afar Community Association in UK. It was
reported that Mr. Gardo immediately met Afar community living in UK and made
speech to large public gathering at Oxford House in Tower Hamlets.

It has been said that
his speech was principally concerned with the social, economic and development
problems in general, which are facing the Afar people in Afar Region, and
with Afar Development Conference that will be held on 5th December 2004, in
Ethiopia in particular. He said that the Conference is being organised by
the Afar Pastoralist Development Association. « I call upon you to jointly
participate in and plan to resolve problems confronting the viability of Afar
pastoral society in Ethiopia » he added.

Mr Gardo provided Afar
community pictures, reports and information relating to his charitable work
that he done and is doing right now for his people. He finally thanked Afar
Community Association for the facilities provided him to meet Afar community
living in UK.

Afar Community Association in UK