07/07/06 (B357-B) Somalie : le Premier Ministre cloue le bec d’Osama Bin Laden (Traduction du titre de la dépêche, par nos soins, sous toutes réserves) (Allafrica.com / Info lecteur)

Somalia: Somali PM Slams Osama Bin Laden

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The Prime minister of Somalia, Ali Mohamed Gedi has angrily reacted to the recent statement from the leader of Al qa’eda Osama Bin Laden on Somalia, saying that the Somali People were practicing Islam before the Birth of Osama Bin Laden and his ancestors so Osama should leave the Somali affairs to the Somalis.

At a press conference, he held in Baidoa where the transitional federal government of Somalia is based, Ali Mohamed was reacting to an audio message on the internet purported to the Leader of Al qa’eda Osama Bin Laden.

In his message Osama Bin Laden called on the Somali People to support the Islamic courts Union and reject the Government of Somalia which Ali Mohamed Gedi is its Prime minister.

The Prime minister of Somalia said that after long suspicions about his involvement in Somalia, Bin Laden made clear in his recent message about Somalia that he has representatives in Somalia and he called on the representatives of Osama Bin Laden to depart the Somali Territory or else they will be kicked out, warns Gedi.

Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi said « Bin Laden claims that he is international leader of Islam which is untrue ».

Gedi told that Bin Laden is a radical who spreads a theory of violence.