10/01/07 (B377) AFAR COMMUNITY ASSOCAITION IN UK – Press Release, London 04th January 2007 (Communiqué de l’Association)

Mr. Maar with Member of ACA UK

Mr. Maar with UK Afar President

of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Parliament visits the London-based
Afar Community Association in UK.

It has
been reported that the Honourable Mr. Maar Ali Sirro was welcomed by the President
of the Afar Community Association in UK, Mr. Abdo Yusuf, and Mr. Adan Bodaya,
the son of the former Afar Sultan of the Dawe region of Afarland. Mr. Maar
Ali Sirro’s principal aim was to inform the Afar community of the current
political, economic and social developments, which are being undertaken in
the State of Afar.

The President
of the Afar Community Association in UK expressed his willingness to work
closely in partnership with the State of Afar to improve the living conditions
of the Afar. Mr. Bodaya described the meeting as productive, comprehensive
and successful. ACA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the Afar
people both here in the UK and in the homeland. Meanwhile, we are very keen
to share responsibilities, experiences and visions to facilitate the needs
of our people wherever they live, added Mr. Bodaya.

of ACA