01/06/07 (B398) Communication en Anglais du représentant d’Uguta-Toosa aux USA, à propos du compte-rendu de la réunion du FRUD-Bis à Djibouti …



May 30, 2007 FRUD (QAGABA) opened its 3rd Congress in Djibouti.

More than 400 representatives Afar came from different cities to attend the

President du Frud (QAGABA) Ali Mohamed Daoud (Jean-Marie) was head and the
party politic was the vice president du RPP and Prime Minister Mohamed Dileta,
president of PND Aden Robleh, president du PSD Moumin Bahdou Farah, and finally
from UPR Ibrahim Chehem Daoud and all thanked Frud for their hard work for
the country and promised to support them. We all thanked them, but let’s go
back to the history of the original conflict. This is important because people

die however history never dies.

In my
view Jean Marie and his colleagues Frud (Qagaba) deny the Afar people their
well deserved respect and freedom. For instance in 1991 Frud took up arms
against the government, they did this so that they can gain the freedom of
Afar people. They had to demand it which resulted in the intense fighting
between the government and Afar people. The intense fighting that erupted
was led by Frud for the Afar people. Many cities and villages in Djibouti
were surrounded by Afar people. This was about 70% of the country. So Frud
had control of 70% of Djibouti.

Then came
the terrible situation of the resistance of Afar people. They ran out of ammunition,
there was shortage of food, people escaped from the front lines which resulted
in the division among the Afar people. Order came from the top of Frud to
ordering the militias to leave city areas whereby they had control.

These were Tadjourah, Obock, Yoboki. There was suspicion among Frud. The results
started to reveal itself in December 1994.Frud signed a peace accord with
the government and two Qagaba leaders were made cabinet ministers. Jean Marie
was appointed to the ministry of Agriculture and Ougereh Kiffle was appointed
to the ministry of defense. Case closed for the troubles of Ismail Omar Guelleh
as a
result he succeeded his uncle in April 1999. Ismail Omar Guelleh pledged never
again will Djibouti go through trouble of this nature.

Is it
then worth the struggle, that Afar people receive two cabinet positions, to
forgot the struggle of over twenty years? Generally in war one either wins
or loses. To some this is to say you live or you die. But after thousands
of young militants deaths, the entire north and south of the country had been
rendered dilapidated. There are no schools, for years government troops massacred
populations. Starvation and oppressive tactics were orders of the days.

Allegations of rape were rampant in the country. Thousand of Afar people have
been displaced from their homes and lands. Were they not only oppressed to
this magnitude but were also kept incommunicado. And finally we end up with
to cabinet ministers in Ismail Omar Guelles government. Now I ask a humble
question is this what we deserve as a people?

This is
aloud call for the Afar people to continue with the struggle against oppression.
Remember they can run but they cannot hide, them, the Oppressors.

Sadam Hussein of Iraq punished his own citizens for 37 years. He was running
from justice when he was caught without firing a shot in a ramshackle, is
this what is awaiting for oppressors? They forgot we as Afar People fight
, get beat, rise and fight again.

of Uguta-Toosa
Ali Sultan