10/05/08 (B447) Press TV / Somalie : les combats violents continuent – Heavy fighting continues in Somalia (en Anglais – Info lecteur)

Heavy fighting breaks out again in Somali capital, killing seven and injuring nine elders as well as well known politicians, reports say.

A Press TV reporter from Mogadishu says that unidentified attackers in Sinay District of North Mogadishu, using hand grenades, attacked a tea shop on Friday, killing and injuring 15 town elders and well known politicians including former district chairman Mr. Gabeeyre.

In another development also on the same day, heavy fighting between Somali police and insurgents in South Mogadishu, in Hodon District, claiming the lives of seven soldiers, he added.

Insurgents attacked a police station on Hodon and took away hundreds of guns and other weapons, injuring several people, he said.

Ten policemen were killed during the incident, while police managed to kill 11 insurgents and arrest three others.

In another incident, insurgents attacked Ethiopian military convoys in two Somali towns, prompting soldiers to open fire after both attacks. At least 13 Ethiopian soldiers and 17 civilians were killed, while the insurgents say a regional commander died in the violence.