11/08/08 (B460) Shabelle Network / Le Général Gabre, commandant en Chef des forces éthiopiennes d’occupation en Somalie, a envoyé un message au Président du GNT, afin de ne pas mettre de freins au processus de paix et de soutenir l’action du Premier Ministre en faveur de la “normalisation”. Ethiopian army commander calls for Somali leader “peace”

The commander-in-chief of the Ethiopian troops in Somalia General Gabre has sent heavy message to Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf to bring to a halt the obstacles against the peace and to prop up the peace process led by prime minister Nor Adde.

Sources close to General Gabre quoted by Aljazeera Arabic website say that he continues to intercede between the premier and president after they came to blows for the dismissal of Mogadishu mayor.

General Gabre who analysts say that he in a roundabout way manages Somalia has supposed to Yusuf to draw in the acts against peace in word of warning.

Gabre declared that he fully supports the peace process of PM Nor Adde not Yusuf saying that Yusuf should be in agreement on the dismissal of Mogadishu Mayor Mohamed Dhere by the prime minister.

The sources added that Ethiopian military official will sack president Yusuf and will appoint his successor who has huge support from Somali people towards peace.