26/08/08 (B462) Shabelle / Deux parlementaires somaliens dénoncent des attaques à la grenade contre leurs maisons, qui n’ont pas causé de gros dégâts. MPs denounce attack on their homes (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Following a hand grenade attack on their residences on Monday night the first deputy speaker of Somali parliament and MP Osman Hassan Ali “Atto” have reciprocally slammed that attack saying “it was ill-advised”

Atto told Shabelle that one of his bodyguards was injured in that attack and he disallowed further causalities.

“Glory to God in the highest no large causalities happened on my property and people” Atto said.

Elsewhere Prof. Mohamed Omar Dalha the first deputy speaker of Somali parliament has announced that he had no causalities from that attack saying that the assailants have escaped.

The hurled bomb was hit at a site between the houses of the two legislative body members in Horseed village in Baidoa town the temporary seat of the parliament.

The government troops were guarding the two houses have opened additional fire to the attackers but no causalities from that fire were reported.

In the recent times there have been bomb attacks on MP’s houses as the city is under full control of Somalia’s shaky government that moved with the power of the Ethiopian troops.