03/09/08 (B463) Garowe On Line / La Police du Somaliland a arrêté 5 hommes suspectés d’acte de piraterie, qui seraient originaires du Somaliland et du Puntland. Somalia: Somaliland police detain 5 ‘piracy suspects’ (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Police authorities in Somalia’s breakaway republic of Somaliland arrested five men on Monday on suspicions of piracy, Radio Garowe reported.

The five men include Somalis from the Somaliland regions, as well as others from neighboring Puntland, a region renowned for pirate activities.

Mohamed Dubad, Somaliland’s police commissioner, confirmed to local media that the five men were detained at a house in the port city of Berbera and are being held at the police station.

But he declined further comment, saying that the case is « under investigation. »
Security sources in Berbera said the five suspects were « planning » to hijack ships and hold them hostage for ransom payment.

Currently, there are at least six foreign ships being held for ransom near Somalia’s Puntland coast