19/10/08 (B470) Shabelle. vendredi, les autorités de l’aéroport de Mogadiscio se sont opposées au débarquement de passagers, présentant des symptômes d’affection grave etvoyageant sur un vol African Airways. Airport officials prevent injured victims, passengers from flight (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali government’s immigration officials have prevented sick people and passengers from flying with African airways express plane on Friday, sources at the airport and passengers said.

The deprived people included wounded people wanted to go for outside treatments and business people those have all been ordered to drop down the plane before if flew out.

Sources at the airport say that government officials have compulsorily flew with the plane when they ordered the passengers to leave, the sources added that the officials have given reason for that some of the passengers had no new-made passport.

The passengers were up to 80 people.

As Shabelle made contact with government officials they noted that the banned passengers have violated the E-passport law of the government.

The passengers included very-ill people those wounded in the violence in the Somali capital those needed urgent health care of the abroad following the local hospitals couldn’t deal with their health situations.

Elsewhere AMISOM has denounced that act describing it has deplorable.

The spokesman of the AMISOM peacekeeping forces Major Brigye Bohoku told Shabelle that announced that it was not required the government officials to do like that act.

“Passport can’t be made condition to a sick person’ if the person is sick the issue of the passport could be later, we are condemning this act” Bohoku said.

Nearly all of Mogadishu people have expressed concerns on that matter.