28/10/08 (B71) Shabelle. // L’explosion d’une bombe dans la ville de Merca en Somalie aurait fait plusieurs victimes parmi des responsables de l’administration de la ville et des soldats // Bomb Blast Kills officials/soldiers in town-update (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

By: Abdinasir Mohamed Guled

Reports from Merca town in the lower Shabelle region say that a roadside bomb on army vehicle has killed officials of the administration and soldiers minutes ago, according to eyewitnesses.

Reports say that the exploded vehicle was carrying several officials of the administration including the deputy police commander Nuriye Ali Farah and Mohamed Mohamud Elmi the acting commissioner of the region.

Latest reports say that Nuriye Ali Farah died in the explosion while other officials are in critical condition.

“There was flesh and blood all over the ground,” said Mohamed Haji Ghelle who was passing nearby, Ghelle described several soldiers lying in pools of blood.

Its yet unknown the motive/group behind the blast.

Somalia remains at the brink of a famine, which was made more likely by aid agencies’ cutting back on operations because at least 20 aid workers have been killed this year.

Peace still looks far away. A cease-fire agreement signed in Djibouti between the government and an Islamist faction has not diminished the fighting, which seems to kill mostly civilians.

We shall keep you posted as soon as the news on that incidents emerges.