04/11/08 (B472) Shabelle, Selon des témoins, des hommes armés ont tué à Baïdoa, une femme somalienne, très impliquée dans la défense de la condition féminine. // Somali woman activist killed-witnesses

Gunmen shot dead former local women organiztion in the town of Baidoa town on Monday night, official and witnesses said Monday.

Maryan Aden, who was with the regional Bay organization, was shot in the head in front of her business location in Baidoa market.

« Three men armed with hand guns shot her twice in the head and chest and he died instantly, » eyewitness Yusuf Ahmed told Shabelle.

« She wanted to close her shop when she was gunned down. »

A witness said the gunmen shot the woman and then fired in the air to disperse a crowd before escaping.

It’s yet unknown the motives/group behind the killing of that woman.