16/11/08 (B474) Shabelle – Sans raison officielle, les troupes éthiopiennes abandonnent la ville d’Agfoi et se retirent avec leurs armements lourds. Ethiopian troops vacate Somali town (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The Ethiopian troops based in the town of Afgoi near Somali capital have in some measures pulled out there on Saturday morning according to residents.

The residents of the town told Shabelle that the troops with more than 15 battle wagons have left from Abdirahman farm area and crossed into Somali capital Mogadishu.

The reports say that small number of Ethiopian troops remained in the town.

Its yet unknown the motive caused the Ethiopian troops to pull out from the town.

Hundreds of refugees have stared to tempt themselves to return to their homes on the areas that Ethiopian troops moved out from but they are buoyant with the rest of the troops to withdraw.

The residents of the town had huge setbacks with the presence of the Ethiopian troops including, the troops familiar with the ordering of the residents to close behind doors from 5:00Pm.

Some residents predict that the withdrawal of the Ethiopian is parts of Djibouti agreement that was mentioning the withdrawal of the Ethiopian troops from the residential areas on 21st November.

Most of Afgoi town’s vicinities have been taken over by Alshabab fighters and other parts of the region as parts of their strengthening attacks.