12/03/08 (B489) Nouvelles de la Somalie … La décision gouvernementale, de proposer au Parlement l’instauration de la Charia en Somalie, est appréciée de diverses façons par les organisations islamiques les plus importantes. (2 articles en Anglais)

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Al Shebaab considère que la décision gouvernementale est une hypocrisie et elle confirme qu’elle continuera le combat, même si la charia est instaurée. // Al-Shabab describes the decision of the cabinet as “hypocritical”

Al-Shabab Islamist group has described Wednesday the decision of the Somali Cabinet to endorse the Islamic Law as hypocritical.

Somalia’s cabinet of Ministers endorsed the sharia in a meeting in Mogadishu on Monday and the parliament is expected to pass the proposal.

Several armed groups have said they will stop fighting the government if sharia was implemented, but al-Shabab rejected the plan.

Sheik Hussein Ali Fidow, one of al-Shabab leaders said the religion is not something to vote and called for the Somali people to take care of what he called a plot from the government.

Separately, the organization of Somali Islamic Clerics welcomed the decision by the cabinet.

Sheik Mohmed Yasin, a member of the Somali clerics said the organization welcomed warmly the decision and called for the government to implement the Sharia.

He also called for the Somali parliament to endorse the Islamic Law to be ruled in the Country.

Thousands of Somalis have been killed in battles between armed groups and pro-government forces in the past two years.

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Le groupe Al-Islah accueille avec satisfaction la décision gouvernementale de proposer l’instauration de la Charia. // Al-islah Organization welcomes the decision of the Somali cabinet

Sheik Abdirahman Badiyow, a spokesman of the Islamic Organization of Al-islah has welcomed Wednesday the decision of the Somali cabinet for the implementation of Sharia law.

The spokesman said after meeting they held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi that they welcomed the decision of the Somali transitional cabinet who had met in the Somali capital Mogadishu yesterday(Tuesday) and backed the sharai to rule the country.

Sheik Badiyow said that the government and the people need to rule the country with the Sharia law urging the Somali parliament to follow the steps taken by the Somali cabinet to solve the conflicts and to restore peace and stability in Somalia.

On the other hand the Somali composers have also welcomed greatly for the decision of the Somali cabinet for the implementation of the Sharia law.

Osman Abdullahi Gure, a spokesman of the Somali composers’ council explained the outcome of the Somali cabinet that it was something to be glad and development adding the implementation of the Sharia law was the only thing that could be solved the problems between the Somali people.

The statements of supporting the result of the Somali cabinet about the implementation Sharia law comes as the cabinet held his 3rd session the Somali capital Mogadishu on yesterday(Tuesday) those agreed to rule the country with Sharia law.