06/07/09 (B506) Nouvelles de Somalie …. (5 articles en Français et en Anglais)

______________________ 5 – Afrique en Ligne

Somalie: Cheikh Chérif promet encore plus d’efforts pour la paix

Le président somalien, Cheikh Chérif Cheikh Ahmed a affirmé, dimanche à Tripoli, que le gouvernement de son pays déploiera encore plus d’efforts pour l’instauration de la paix et de la stabilité dans le pays.

Il a ajouté, dans une déclaration à la presse avant son départ au terme du 13ème sommet de l’Union africaine (UA) à Syrte, que « malgré les mesures palpables du gouvernement somalien pour réaliser la paix », la Somalie fait face à des défis extérieurs de la part de groupes terroristes tirant profit de l’instabilité du pays.

« Nous sommes convaincus que nous gagnerons, étant donné que nous voulons sortir la Somalie de cette crise. Nous n’avons pas d’ambition pour le pouvoir mais nous voulons contribuer à l’instauration de la paix dans le pays », a-t-il déclaré.

Le président somalien a, par ailleurs, félicité le guide libyen Mouammar Kadhafi, président en exercice de l’UA, pour « les grands résultats et le succès réalisés par la 13ème conférence des chefs d’Etat et de gouvernement de l’UA à travers la décision de transformer la Commission de l’UA en Autorité ».

______________________ 4 – APA

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères de la Somalie, Mohamed Omar, est attendu en Egypte lundi pour des entretiens avec les autorités égyptiennes.

Une fois dans le pays, Mohamed Omar compte discuter avec son hôte de l’évolution de la situation en Somalie.

L’ambassadrice Mona Omar, vice-ministre égyptienne des Affaires étrangères chargée des affaires africaines, a déclaré dimanche au Caire que l’Egypte était en train de préparer une nouvelle initiative globale pour aider à résoudre le problème somalien et assurer la sécurité et la stabilité dans ce pays.

Elle a ajouté que l’initiative égyptienne n’oubliera aucun Etat, aucune partie somalienne ni aucun des organismes qui peuvent participer à la résolution du problème. Elle a souligné que l’initiative met l’accent sur l’importance de l’accès à la sécurité et à la stabilité en Somalie membre de la Ligue arabe.

______________________ 3 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Des religieux d’Ahu Sunna Waljama affirment que leurs milices ont pris le contrôle de la Ville de Galka. // Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a clerics say they

The Islamic organization of Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a officials have said on Sunday that they took over the control of southern Galka’yo town in central Somalia.

Sheik Ahmed Sheik Yusuf known as (Ilka Dahab), one of Ahlu Sunna clerics who is in the south of town told reporters that they captured the control of the town adding that their command will work in the town begin from that day.

He said that Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a organization will rule the town with the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be up on Him) adding that the take over of the administration came after a dispute between the new and former administrations there.

It is the first time that Ahlu Sunna Waljama clerics announce that they completely captured the management of south of Galka’ayo town in Mudug region in central Somalia.

______________________ 2 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Au moins 10 morts à Mogadiscio dans de violents combats. // Heavy shelling kills 10 in north Mogadishu

At least 10 people have been killed and three others have been injured after shelling targeted to Karan district in the north of the Somali capital Mogadishu, witnesses told Shabelle radio on Sunday.

Residents confirmed to Shabelle radio that most of the shelling landed into Arjantin neighborhood in Karan district in the north, killing 10 and injuring three others.

Witnesses said that the dead bodies are yet scattered in the area where mortar shells hit them in the north of the capital.

A resident woman told Shabelle radio that mortar shells landed in Arjantin neighborhood seemed as it was raining before few minutes pointing out that the shootings were from the side of the transitional government controlling areas in the capital.

She said that all the injured people were rushed to hospitals in Mogadishu as the dead bodies are still in where they had been killed.

It is unclear the reason of the mortar shells targeted to parts of Karan district in the north of Mogadishu as there is no fighting between the government soldiers and the Islamist forces that is currently going on in Mogadishu.

People in the capital expressed concern about the shelling and the deadly shooting that caused more casualties including deaths, injuries and loss of properties.

More Islamist forces against the transitional government soldiers with few people are remained in the neighborhoods of Karan district in Mogadishu those could not flee from their houses in the warring zones and gun battle between the two sides.

We shall keep updating you for any further details about this news as soon as possible as reporters receive it.

______________________ 1 – Shabelle avec Reuters (En Anglais)

Johnnie Carson, secrétaire adjoint du Ministère des affaires étrnagères américaines pour l’Afrique déclare que les USA vont demander aux Ethiopiens de ne pas rentrer en Somalie, car ce serait contraire aux intérêts de ces deux pays de la Corne de l’Afrique. // INTERVIEW-U.S. will urge Ethiopia to stay out of Somalia

The United States will encourage Ethiopia not to return to Somalia as it would be against the interests of both Horn of African nations, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson said on Saturday.

Ethiopia invaded Somalia in late 2006 to topple an Islamist movement in the capital Mogadishu. The intervention sparked an Islamist insurgency which is still raging despite the fact Ethiopian troops pulled out in January.

« The Ethiopian government continues to look very closely at developments in Somalia, » Carson told Reuters in Kenya ahead of a visit to Ethiopia on Monday.

« Given the long-standing enmity between Somalis and Ethiopians I will encourage the Ethiopians not to re-engage in Somalia. It is not their interest to so and their efforts might in fact prove counterproductive to the government, » he said in an interview.

Neighbours and Western governments fear that if the Somali administration is overthrown, the lawless nation will become a safe haven for al Qaeda to train militants to destabilise the region and attack developed nations.

Residents in several regions of Somalia have reported seeing Ethiopian soldiers in the past two months. Addis Ababa initially denied this but later acknowledged it had made « reconnaissance » missions. It still insists no combat troops are in Somalia.

« Ethiopia has a right to defend its borders, should do so vigorously if individuals cross into their territory, and their efforts should be directed at defence of their territory and not necessarily involvement inside of Somalia, » Carson said.


Carson held talks with senior officials from all Horn of Africa countries, including the Eritrean foreign minister, during an African Union summit in Libya this week.

The rebels, who have links to al Qaeda and want to impose their own harsh version of sharia law throughout the country, control much of southern Somalia and parts of the capital Mogadishu close to the president’s palace.

A 4,300-strong African Union peacekeeping force (AMISOM) from Uganda and Burundi is protecting key sites in Mogadishu but appeals for more troops and a stronger mandate allowing them to go on the offensive have yet to bear fruit.

Carson said a battalion of soldiers from Burundi, about 800 troops, was ready to deploy as soon as an airlift is provided and that Djibouti had pledged to help with military force.

« They are a small country with a small military but they have indicated that they believe the situation is serious enough to warrant their support, » Carson told Reuters.

« They believe that it is important to support Sheikh Sharif and to prevent his government from falling and they are prepared to provide more support than they have in the past, including manpower, » he said.

Carson said Washington had yet to decide whether the AMISOM mandate should be beefed up. There had been hopes African leaders would agree to this in Libya but wording to that effect in a draft resolution was dropped.

« We will study it closely in Washington and make a determination as to whether it is in our interests to encourage an expanded mandate as this goes forward, » he said.

Washington helps fund the AMISOM force and has sent weapons to the Somali government to support its fight against the rebels. Carson told reporters it would send more.

« The United States will continue to look for ways to provide support, » he said.

« This will include military support in terms of arms and munitions and material resources, but not manpower. »