27/04/2016 (Brève 771) Selon un article du journal irlandais « Thejournal.ie », Guelleh aurait porté plainte en Irland contre FaceBook pour des articles d’internautes, qu’il juge offensants à son égard et il demande par voie de justice le retrait des articles, la suppression des comptes et la communication des coordonnées des auteurs…. (En Anglais)

Lien avec l’article en Anglais : http://www.thejournal.ie/president-of-djibouti-suing-facebook-ireland-2724044-Apr2016/

The President of Djibouti is suing Facebook Ireland over posts about him

He also wants Facebook to close the accounts and removal what the President says is the offending material.THE PRESIDENT OF the African state of Djibouti Ismael Omar Guelleh has brought High Court proceedings against Facebook Ireland over what he claims are offensive posts on the social media site about him.

The matter was briefly mentioned before Mr Justice Paul Gilligan at the High Court today. The Judge was told that on consent from both parties the matter could be adjourned for a week.

In his action President Guelleh seeks several orders including one restraining Facebook Ireland Ltd from publishing or continuing to publish the content of certain Facebook accounts, and that the accounts be suspended pending the full hearing of the action.

He also wants Facebook to close the accounts and removal what the President says is the offending material.

The President of Djibouti, which is located on the Horn of Africa on the continent’s east coast, further seeks orders directing Facebook to disclose to him the identities, names, e-mail accounts, telephone numbers, postal address and IP addresses of those associated with the social accounts complained of.

President Guelleh (aged 68) has been President of Djibouti since 1999 when he took over from his uncle, who was the nation’s first leader after it obtained independence in the 1970’s. Also known by his initials IOG President Guelleh has been re-elected on two occasions since coming to power.