05/10/05 (B318) Quarante étudiants universitaires Ethiopiens, réfugiés à Djibouti, recherchent un autre pays d’accueil, après un accueil plutôt « froid » à Djibouti, autant de la part des autorités que des organismes internationaux. Ethiopian University Students in Djibouti Seeking Asylum in a Third Country (Info lecteur – En Anglais)

About 40 students from different Universities and Colleges in Ethiopia, who left for Djibouti following the students protest in April called for resettlement to a third country and continue their education before it is too late.

In a letter they sent to families in Ethiopia, they said that they have been trying to get the attention of the UNHCR. However, despite making "so many frustrating efforts" some officials at UNHCR office told them that the office is only for French speaking refugees and they should go to the Kenyan UNHCR office and apply there. "We were all dirty and tired; most of us could not even walk any more due to the wounds on our toes. On top of that, it was very sad to hear such an answer from an international organization like UNHCR," one letter reads. They were later told to go the Organization of National Affairs for Refugees (ONARS) office. But until now they could not get any paper from the ONARS. "The office is about ten kilometers from the city and it is very much tiresome to walk every morning to get the asylum paper from the Djibouti government," they further noted.

Some students have escaped from the country after they made arrangements for an illegal journey through the border towns called Shinille and Dewele to the next border town of Djibouti called Ali Sabieh and the capital Djibouti.They are from different Universities and Colleges in the country and most of them were graduating classes.