03/08/08 (B459) Press TV : Un officier supérieur somalien quitte son poste en signe de protestation contre la politique du Président du GNT et le désarroi actuel. Top military commander quits in Somalia (En Anglais – Info lectrice)

A senior military commander has resigned in protest at Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed’s policies amid political turmoil in the country.

Colonel Ibrahim Hassan Isse, the Commander of Bali- Doogle Air Base, and 26 other military personnel resigned on Sunday, Press TV correspondent reported.

Speaking to reporters inside the base, Col. Hassan Isse accused the Somali president of being « a puppet of foreign countries. »

« The Somali Government is a slave of the Ethiopians and the so-called President is an old puppet, » he said.

He slammed the transitional government of Somalia for seeking support from non Muslims.

A number of soldiers left the base after the resignation of five high-ranking officers who quit their posts along with the colonel.

The report comes after 10 Somali ministers quit over a dispute between President Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein (Nur Ade).

The row was sparked after the president opposed the dismissal of the Mogadishu Mayor who is accused by the Premier of being responsible for the killing of civilians.