08/08/08 (B460) PRESS TV / Un ancien officier et 5 militaires, tous récemment démissionnaires pour refus de coopérer avec le Gouvernement qu’ils qualifiaient de « Valet éthiopien », ont été tués en Somalie. Resigned Somali commander killed (En Anglais – Info lectrice)

A former Somali commander and five other ministers, who had resigned after criticizing President Yusuf’s policies, have been killed.

Colonel Ibrahim Hassan Isse, the ex-commander of Bali-Doogle Air Base and five other members of the cabinet who resigned four days ago, have been killed by masked gunmen in Afgoye town on Friday, Press TV Correspondent reported.

Hassan Isse refused to work with the government on the grounds that the President was a puppet of the Ethiopians.