17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Un offcier supérieur de la Police somalienne remet sa démission, après avoir reçu plusieurs menaces de mort émanant des islamistes. Top Somali police official resigns (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Abdinasir Guled

A senior police commander has resigned following death threat messages from islamists to him have increased.

Mohamed Subane Mohamed, the second-in-command Commander of Bakol region police forces resigned on Sunday.

Speaking to Shabelle radio from inside police army base in the region, Mr. Mohamed has declared that he resigned for life fear as the islamist groups have additionally attacked the army bases in the region as the troops in the region entirely fled to Baidoa several Times.

« The Somali Government cannot stand firm against the islamists, they warned me and I accepted to leave this dangerous work, » he said.

He slammed the transitional government of Somalia for not doing enough to secure the country.

“They want merely to get hold money in vain, they do nothing for the people” Mohamed said.

A number of soldiers left the base after the resignation of the officer who quited his army post.

Somali government troops face heavy insurgency from islamist fighters and they ousted UIC forces from power with the help of the Ethiopian troops after the islamists have restored law and order in the region they wrestled their control.