28/08/08 (B462-B) SHABELLE / Cinq morts dans des accrochages à Mogadiscio entre les islamistes et les soldats somaliens. Five injured during Mogadishu fighting.

Witnesses in Somalia say Islamic insurgents attacked Somali forces in Mogadishu wounding at least five civilians.

Wednesday’s attack took place at former Gulwadayasha military camp, where Somali transitional government force are based.

Witnesses say the civilians wounded after stray bullets struck them near the battle areas.

The fighting took place less than a day after the country’s two top leaders Prime minister Nor Adde and president Yusuf have ended their differences in Addis Ababa talks.

The government and the moderate faction of the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia also agreed to halt the fighting and to refrain from inflammatory statements at Djibouti peace agreement.

Thousands of Somalis have died in more than 18 months of fighting between the insurgents and the Ethiopian-backed government.

The Ethiopians invaded Somalia in late 2006 to help the government oust an Islamist movement from power in southern and central areas of the country.

The Islamists have the backing of the Eritrean-based opposition group.

Somalia has endured years of violence and chaos since the fall of the last stable central government in 1991.