19/09/08 (B466) Shabelle / Des miliciens somaliens capturent un véhicule de l’OXFAM à la frontière somal-kenyanne. Somali bandits seize OXFAM Vehicle near border (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Reports from Elwaq locale on Kenyan Somali border say that armed Somali militiamen have snatched a vehicle belonging to OXFAM aid organization on the Somali border according to security officials.

The militiamen were said to have stepped the vehicle to inside Somalia.

It’s yet unknown where the vehicle is officially being held.

In similar incident armed Somali militiamen have seized a Kenyan government vehicle of the last June but Kenya regained the vehicle and five guns were taken within days after negotiations.

Officials at the Somali border District of Dobley have handed over a Kenyan police vehicle and four guns to Kenyan authorities.

Somali militias seized the vehicle and guns during a cross-border attack on a Kenyan police post.

The attackers managed to free one of their members who had been arrested by Kenyan security officials and left four Kenyan policemen wounded.

Dobley District Commissioner Ali Hussein Nur said elders from the district were able to convince the militia to surrender the vehicle and weapons before the expiry of a deadline issued by the Kenyan government.

“We have succeeded in getting back the vehicle and the guns from the militias earlier than agreed and we have handed them to the Kenyan police over the border. » He said.

He said Kenyan authorities and officials from Dobley District had agreed to work together on security and cooperate further in ensuring no such events take place again in the future