21/09/08 (B466) Press TV : les troupes éthiopiennes reportent la date de leur retrait de Somalie (Info lecteur – En Anglais)

_______________________________ Note de l’ARDHD

Force est de constater que Melés Zenaoui souffle alternativement le chaud et le froid, selon ses intérêts et peut-être son humeur. Il y a quelques semaines, il annonçait que ses troupes pourraient se retirer de Somalie, même si le calme n’était pas revenu. Aujourd’hui, en bon dictateur expérimenté qu’il est, il dit le contraire en affirmant que ses troupes resteront ….

Ces positions contradictoires ne peuvent pas inspirer la confiance. Elles sont certainement directement ou indirectement et au moins partiellement, à l’origine de l’échec de la Conférence de Djibouti

_______________________________ Press TV

Ethiopian troops postpone leaving Somalia

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zanawi says that his country’s troops will continue to stay in Somalia until their objectives are met.

The idea of withdrawing troops out of Somalia while its transitional President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed counts on our support is totally unacceptable. Yusuf Ahmad is a friend of ours and we will not leave him alone, the Ethiopian premier told local journalists in Addis Ababa on Sunday.

Zanawi’s remarks came as he had earlier vowed to pull Ethiopian’s forces out of conflict-stricken Somalia at the very earliest.

It is also noteworthy that the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and Al-Shabab fighters have gained control of roughly 95% of the Horn of Africa country.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has been accused of deliberately underestimating the scale of a deadly drought facing millions of its people, some of whom are being deprived of emergency food aid by the country’s military. The humanitarian crisis caused by three years of failed rains, currently affects about 4.6 million people, though the official number could jump to as high as 6.7 million this week.

United Nations agencies say that the real number at risk is above 8 million, an estimate disputed hotly by Addis Ababa, which is insisting on publishing a much lower figure.

Ethiopian troops come under relentless attacks and their military vehicles are set ablaze every day, all of which indicate their inability to defeat anti-Ethiopian forces.