30/10/08 (B71-B) Shabelle Les troupes régulères somaliennes tuent des chameaux dans le sud de Mogadiscio : elles les avaient pris pour des combattants armés !. Somali troops shot dead livestock in fear of insurgents (En Anglais – Infos lecteur)

Armed Somali government troops based in southern Mogadishu army base have shot dead several camels on Wednesday night, according to residents.

The incident happened following the camels came close on where the soldiers were guarding.

Some soldiers say that they’ve thought the camels s “insurgents” wanted to ambush them.

The commander of those troops Abduqadir Odweyne told Shabelle that they mistook the camels as insurgent fighters following the brutes came into their army base threshold as well in response that they’ve additionally opened fire to them.

“We thought the camels as men wanted to carry out surprise attack on us and we opened fire to them, we also slaughtered one of them struck by our bullets” Odweyne said.

This is the first kind of incident took place in Mogadishu although the soldiers deliberately kill the civilians.