10/11/08 (B473) Shabelle / Le responsable d’éducation de la Région d’Hiran, dont l’enlèvement avait signalé il y a quelques heures, a été libéré grâce à un assaut des islamistes d’Al Shabbab. Islamists rescue hostage (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The kidnapped education chief of Hiran region has been freed after armed Alshabab fighters stormed a compound where he was being held on Monday morning, according to officials.

About 30 fighters have carried out surprise attack on the kidnappers of Mr. Mohamed Mo’alin Osman on Sunday night while they were sleeping in an area that lies 20km north of El Ali town in the region.

Alshabab officials have acknowledged that they would further details on that operation.

Mohamed Abdi Osman was seized by armed men as he was making survey work of school in the town according to residents.

Reports further said that his bodyguards have been forced to go down from the vehicle and he was seized.

The current Somali government is internationally recognised, but has lost control of large parts of the country to an insurgency driven by Islamist and nationalist groups.

The government is backed by troops from neighbouring Ethiopia, who are deeply unpopular with many Somalis.

More than three million people in Somalia – almost half the population – are in acute need of food or medical aid, according to the UN.