12/11/08 (B473) Shabelle : 10 détenus, au moins, s’évadent de leur prison au Puntland. 30 autres s’étaient échappés le mois dernier. More than 9 prisoners escape from Puntland jail (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

More than 9 inmates of a prison in Garowe town of Puntland, escaped after one of them has been handed over to pistol to enable escape, officials said Tuesday.

The incident happened following one of the prisoners has been brought to a pistol by his family member who has hidden the pistols in food he brought to him.

The prisoner has shot and injured two of the security forces were guarding the prison that made possible for them to escape.

The escapees included several defendants allegedly committed killings in the bregion those were sentenced to death by Puntland court.

The reports indicate that same-tribal militiamen also attacked the prison when the prisoner opened fire at the soldiers.

It’s not the first time that such escape of prisoners happened in Puntland.

More than 30 inmates had earlier escaped the main of Garowe in the last month.