21/11/08 (B475) Shabelle : dans une interview qu’il a accordé à la presse, depuis la capitale du Kenya, le Président du GNT dément les informations selon lesquelles les troupes éthiopiennes pourraient quitter rapidement la Somalie. 11 éthiopiens tués à Mogadiscio //Somali president rejects Ethiopian troop’s withdrawal, 11 Ethiopians killed (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed has publicized that Ethiopian troops will not withdraw its troops from the war torn horn of Africa country as the troops withdrawal mandate is today.

Speaking to the reporters in the Kenyan capital, Yusuf has threatened that Ethiopian troops will stay in Mogadishu until the clashes led by the Islamists insurgents stop.

« The Ethiopian troops will continue their presence in Somalia if the anti-peace elements continue attack on our troops, they failed to honor the peace pact of djibouti » Yusuf said.

He further said that he had plans on the leading of the government delegates heading top Djibouti for peace talks.

He denied reports aired by Libyan media saying that he asked the Libyan leader to replace from Djibouti into another country which he described as groundless

Elsewhere as the Ethiopian troops withdrawal mandate armed insurgent fighters attacked them have spread out into new Mogadishu areas which is seen as withdrawal movement killing 11 soldiers, witnesses said.

Heavy artillery and gunfire clashes erupted near Barakat burial ground north of Mogadishu where the soldiers were killed in a surprise attack.

7 civilians were also killed in the fighting.

Its yet unknown the insurgents casualities.

The Ethiopian troops are still reportedly based where the clashes happened as no further details are available.