17/12/08 (B478-B) Le feuilleton gouvernemental somalien continue. La situation devient de plus en plus embrouillée …. (3 dépêches en Anglais)

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Des centaines de manifestants à Mogadiscio et à Afgoye contre le nouveau premier Ministre désigné par le Président du GNT. // Demonstration against new premier

Hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the new prime minister Mohamed Mohamud Guled ( Ga’ma Dhere) nominated by Somali president marched through the long road between Mogadishu and Afgoye where thousands of displaced families reside, witnesses said Tuesday.

« We are protesting against the new prime minister Ga’ma Dhere who displaced us when he was the interior minister and we condemn his nomination, » Halima Ismail, one of the demonstrators said.

Somali president Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed nominated former interior minister Mohamed Mohamud Guled as new prime minister, ignoring the decision of the parliament which reinstated Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein after the president announced that he sacked him

The protestors in KM 13 outside Mogadishu were chanting slogans against the president and his new prime minister.

They accused the new prime minister that he had ordered them to flee from their houses in Mogadishu when he was the interior minister of the transitional federal government of Somalia.

« Mohamed Mohamud Guled ordered 10 squire km of south of Mogadishu to be abandoned in March 2007 and we afraid that he will displace us again, » Omar Farah, one of the protestors said.

Millions of civilians fled from the capital Mogadishu when Ethiopian soldiers backing the transitional government and insurgents fought in the city.

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Une délégation de l’UA en visite à Baïdoa pour rencontrer les principaux responsables politiques somaliens (Premier Ministre, Président du Parlement) et ils participent à une réunion à huis clos avec le Président. // AU delegation arrives in Baidoa

A delegation from the African Union led by Nicholas Bwakira the special representative of African Union commission to Somalia has arrived in Biadoa to meet Somali leaders, our correspondent in Baidoa reported on Tuesday.

Mr. Bwakira accompanied by six other members has met Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein and the speaker of the transitional parliament Aden Mohamed Nur.

They also had a closed door meeting with the Somali president Abdulahi Yusuf and some other MPs very close to the president, no comments emerged from their meeting.

The arrival of the delegation comes as President Abdulahi Yusuf Tuesday nominated new prime minister for the former interior minister Mohamed Mohamud Guled, ignoring the decision of the parliament.

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Le Ministre kenyan des A.E. annonce que des sanctions vont être prises par son pays contre le Président du GNT et sa famielle. // Kenya to impose sanctions on Somali president

Kenya’s foreign affairs minister says his country is imposing sanctions on the Somali president and his family.

Moses Wetangula says Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf is an obstacle to peace in Somalia. The sanctions will include a travel ban and freezing any of his assets in Kenya.

Tuesday’s announcement is a strong public rebuke and it comes as Somalia’s government is in turmoil. Yusuf fired the prime minister this week, but parliament soundly rejected the decision.

It’s not clear what will become of Somalia’s U.N.-backed administration — particularly as it wields virtually no authority in the face of powerful Islamic insurgents who have taken over most of the country