18/12/08 (B478-B) Les violences continuent en Somalie, contre le contingent de l’UA et contre les militaires éthiopiens. (5 dépêches en Anglais)

_______________________ 5 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Les habitants de la ville de Marka ont été effrayés par une rotation d’hélicoptères qui
a survolé le centre.// Helicopters fly over Marka town

Helicopters that were flying in low level have frightened in the people of Marka town in lower Shabelle region 60 kilometres south of Mogadishu on Wednesday evening, residents said on Thursday.

Residents say Helicopters have been flying over Marka town and frightening the residents of the town.

It is believed that the helicopters have flown from foreign warships which are in the Somali coast protecting pirates.

Foreign naval warships escort WFP ships which carry aid food to Somalia since Somali pirates have been seizing merchant and fishing ships in and around the coast of Somalia.

________________________ 4 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Une situation très tendue dans la région d’Hiran après l’assassinat d’un responsable des tribunaux islamiques. // Tense situations arise in Hiran region

Tense situation has emerged from Baladweyn town in Hiran region after one of the Islamic Courts Union commanders was killed in the town on Wednesday evening, our correspondent in the region reported on Thursday morning.

Reports from the region say that the security situation of the town has worsened when the commander and another Islamic Courts Union fighter has been killed in the town by unidentified gunmen.

Joint Islamist forces of Islamic Courts Union and Al-shabab have have been patrolling the town on Thursday morning and tightened the security of the town.

The Islamic Courts Union has been controlling the city since the Ethiopian troops have withdrawn from the town.

_______________________ 3 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Au moins 10 personnes et plus de 20 blessés au cours d’un accrochage entre les troupes éthiopiennes et les forces islamistes. // Fresh fighting kills 10 people in Mogadishu

At least ten people have been killed and more than twenty others have been injured when a heavy fighting between Ethiopian troops and Islamist insurgent forces erupted in Yaqshid district north of Mogadishu, witnesses and officials said on Wednesday.

"Seven people from one family died when a mortar shell landed in their house and dozens were injured," resident Shire Farah told Radio Shabelle. I cannot describe to you what I have seen…… Scattered human flesh, he added.

Al-shabab spokesman, Sheik Muktar Robow Ali (Abu Mansur) claimed they have killed dozens from the Ethiopian troops and also confirmed that one of their commanders died.

"We inform the Mujahidins (Islamic fighters) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and every where in the world that commander Abdulahi Salad Farah (Abu Khalid) and other mujahidins were martyred,"Abu Mansur told reporters via phone press conference in Mogadishu.

Abu Mansur called for the Somali people to join the fighting against Ethiopian troops.

"We urge the brothers to repent from their bad decision and boycott the so-called agreement with the Ethiopians," Abu Mansur said referring to the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia.

The Ethiopian troops entered in Somalia in 2006 to help the weak transitional government of Somalia.

The prolonged Ethiopian occupation displaced millions of civilians and killed thousands.

________________________ 2 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Une forte explosion, qui visait un transport éthiopien de troupes, provoque sa destruction et fait des blessés dans les rangs de l’Armée éthiopienne. // Explosion hits Ethiopian vehicle

Big blast targeted Ethiopian troops’ vehicle and has badly damaged the truck in Afgoi district in lower Shabelle region, witnesses said on Wednesday.

"The explosion has burnt the Ethiopian truck and inflicted casualties to the Ethiopian soldiers," a resident said.

"The vehicle was passing around the Itop factory near Afgoi when the explosion targeted," another resident said.

After the blast the Ethiopian troops have conducted operations and halted the movement and transportation of the area where the accident occurred.

Locals in Lafole Village about 25 km west of Mogadishu say that at least two other blasts could be heard in the area where Etiopian troops were passing.

The explosions are always targeted to Ethiopian troops by the Islamist groups who are against to the presence of the Ethiopian troops in Somalia

________________________ 1 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

De récentes attaques contre des bases de l’AMISOM. // Fresh attack on AMISOM bases

Fierce fighting between AMISOM peacekeepers and Al-shabab insurgent group has erupted in KM4, a base of AMISOM peace keepers in Mogadishu early on Wednesday, witnesses said.

"We saw AMISOM tanks firing and masked insurgents with rocked propelled grenades in Km4 area," a resident said.

Officials from Al-shabab claimed they have attacked two bases of government soldiers and AMISOM base in K4.

There was no immediate word from AMISOM and government officials.

It is yet unknown any casualties from the fighting and now the situation is calm.

Al-Shabab spokesman Sheik Muktar Robow Abu Mansur vowed attacks against Foreign troops in Somalia and government soldiers in a press conference held in Mogadishu on Sunday.